Customer Testimonials

  • Larry is our best friend and we want to keep this little guy as healthy as possible! I was so happy when we found these all natural nutritious dog treats to reward him. He absolutely loves every product from Campfire Treats!

    Emily D.

  • Hands down, the chicken jerky has been the best treat for training our little guy. He knows when to run and when to stay when we have these treats out. What's more is it's a single ingredient treat, so we know exactly what he's getting when he eats this!

    Jeff A.

  • Seeing all the treats in the pet aisle at the store that have so many ingredients, and most of them I can't even pronounce. Just love that the Campfire Treats are single ingredient and my pups love them.

    Lisa B.

  • Our dog loved these treats - best dog treat product we have ever purchased - and that's says a lot after 25 years of pet ownership.

    Chuck S.

  • I have a GSP and two Jack Russells and all three of them enjoy the Chicken Feet. I will be ordering more!

    Debby R.

Press & Awards

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