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Can Dogs Eat Grapes or Raisins? No! They can Cause Illness, Even Death

by Lindsey Hawkins September 20, 2020 5 min read 0 Comments

Ingestion of grapes or raisins are extremely harmful to your dog. These fruits are toxic to canines and can lead to kidney failure and can even be fatal, if not treated immediately. If you know your dog has eaten any of these fruits or is showing any symptoms, immediately contact your veterinarian.
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The Best Raw Dog Treats Sourced & Made in the USA

by Marko H. Wittich January 03, 2020 7 min read 0 Comments

Raw dog treats include raw (uncooked), dehydrated and freeze-dried treats. While all three types have their specific benefits, dehydrated and freeze-dried treats are the go-to rewards for most situations of your canine companion’s life. Especially single ingredient treats made of premium quality meat, poultry or fish are highly enticing and may offer additional benefits, like the support of the dental health of your dog. We’ll explain the pros and cons of all three categories, and provide you with a list of the top recommended made-in-the-USA raw dog treats in 2020.
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How to Select the Best Low-Fat Dog Treats: A 3-Step Guide

by Marko H. Wittich December 09, 2019 9 min read 0 Comments

Finding the best low-fat treats for your dog can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Fortunately, it is less complicated than it may appear at first sight. This guide will help you make the right choices.
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Can Dogs Eat Organ Meats? In Fact, They Should. Learn Why

by Marko H. Wittich October 08, 2019 8 min read 0 Comments

Organ meats are more densely packed with vital nutrients than lean muscle meat. In addition to high quality protein and fat, entrails are rich sources of the vitamins A, B, D, E and important minerals like iron, phosphorous, selenium and zinc.

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Omega-3 for Dogs: What is it? Benefits, Sources and Dosage

by Marko H. Wittich June 25, 2019 11 min read 0 Comments

Omega-3 is one of the single most potent supplements you can add to your dog’s diet. Countless studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids have wide-ranging positive effects on the health of dogs. Amongst others, omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to the brain development of puppies, strengthen the immune system of dogs, reduce inflammation, increase the ability to fight cancer and benefit heart health.
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Arthritis in Dogs: What is it, and how to Help Your Canine?

by Marko H. Wittich June 14, 2019 10 min read 0 Comments

More than 1 in 5 dogs in the United States gets diagnosed with some form of arthritis. Understanding symptoms early is vital to help your canine companion. Diet, exercise and weight management play an important role in prevention and treatment.
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