Our Story

Our Family Vizsla Pippa 

We live in one of the most abundant agricultural countries in the world. We are surrounded by farms and fisheries producing the finest quality produce, meats and fish. Yet, a large share of the dog food, treats and chews we see in pet stores across the U.S. are made with ingredients that come from overseas, are not suitable for human consumption or contain all kinds of hard-to-pronounce additives and chemicals.

This didn’t feel right to us when we were looking for treats and chews for our family dog Pippa, a five-year-old Vizsla. So, we started making treats for her on our own, only using natural, locally sourced ingredients. Pippa loved them, and so did the dogs of our friends and neighbors.

Inspired by the enthusiastic feedback, we started Campfire Treats to provide you with treats and chews you can feed to your four-legged companions with good conscience. We only use healthy, natural ingredients that you could eat as well. Each and every ingredient is sourced in the U.S. We do not use any additives, preservatives, dyes or fillers. We craft every single treat and chew in small batches in our very own Northern California kitchen.

We hope your furry family members will love our all-natural Campfire Treats as much as Pippa does!

The Wittich Family